We will save you time and money and reduce risks
associated with staffing
An effective staffing agency saves you money, reduces your risks, and takes away your headaches, which allows you time to focus on what you and your company do best.

What New Era will do for you

before the employee shows up to work

n Advertise the job

n Interview the candidates

n Administer your pre-employment testing

n Record and file EEO information

n Perform a drug test

n Perform a background check

n Verify references

n Verify work eligibility

n Provide safety and other orientation training

What New Era will do for you
once the employee shows up for work

n Follow up with how the employee is doing

n Provide coaching and feedback to the employee

n Continue safety and other training

n Administer payroll

n Handle the costs of an on-the-job injury

What New Era will do for you

if the employee’s assignment should end before you hire

n Handle all aspects of unemployment insurance

n Carry the risks of wrongful discharge

n Administer year-end payroll and W2 tax filing

n Find you a replacement at no additional cost